Route 22 Toyota Hillside, NJ free tank of gas scam

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After I contacted the dealership on a Monday for a Honda Ridgeline, their phone rep joaqium (wakeem) called me EVERY DAY when I agreed to come on Thursday of that week.Wednesday's phonecall was to tell me they have a special offer.

Everyone that goes on a test drive gets a free tank of gas. I show up 2 hrs after talking to wakeem (drove 1hr 20 min, they knew this). The car was sold! Then the sales guy (not wakeem) says wakeem isn't even a salesman and he's never heard of that promotion.

I did see the car driven away by a family, but the dealership was reluctant to prove that it was sold. The sales guy never even told me his name. Obviously I was going to buy the truck if I drove that far w/ my 5 mo. pregnant wife and 3 year old.

This *** wouldn't even tell me the interest rates when I told him we have tier I credit.


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Route 22 Toyota BEWARE FRAUD FALSE ADVERTISING SCAM They will lie to you and then change the contracts after you negotiate.Bait and Switch evil people that cannot be trusted.

Consumers beware.

Very nasty attitude and the manager has an I don't give a dam attitude I took my business elseware.This dealer is just not honest and consumers take a big risk if they buy a car at Route 22 Toyoyta There are a lot of complaints about this dealer with the BBB, the District Attorney and Consumer Affairs


They are crooks, you better off going to autoland if they are still around.Bought at used Isuzu Rodeo at Route 22 Toyota, they couldn't start the car because the alarm system was on and mind you these guys didn't know how to shut it off.

When the papers were signed, waited 3 hours for the car and was wondering why it's taking them so long.

Turns out, when I get into my car, they took out the alarm system, asked them why, they said it's not part of the sale and if I wanted it, it would cost me an additional $200 for them to reinstall it.

They wanted me to buy an old alarm system that was already installed and when I signed the papers, I noticed no alarm as part of the vehicle agreement, my fault, but come on, you're buying a used vehicle, it should be part of the vehicle.I hope the dealership closes down for being dishonest.

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I completely agree with you.I had a similar experience couple of days back.

Their internet offers showed a used Sienna stock T9990 with a special price expiring 08/12/2008. When we called up and enquired about availability, they mentioned it was available. We drove >1hour and the sales guy says they do not have that stock number vehicle and tried to sell some other vehicle. We were pissed and called the phone agent posing as a different customer and the same phone rep agent reconfirmed the availability of the T9990 stock.

When the sales guy was conferenced in the call, he meekly admitted that the vehicle was actually sold on 7/28/2008 and they use this ploy to attract customers to their showroom. Very cheap tricks of Bait and switch. They lost a very loyal customer (>5 years) once for all.

We will never ever step back in their showroom/service center again.Beware and stay away from Route 22 Toyota...

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